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Tuesday, 12 December 2017

Why Israel is an Apartheid State AND

Why Trump’s Honesty is Europe's Hypocrisy

There has been a massive reaction to Trump’s announcement that the United States recognises Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  European leaders have been unanimous in their disapproval.  If one didn’t know better one might assume they had been in the forefront of the BDS movement, as a means to pressurise Israel into a 2 States Solution.

But of course Theresa May, Macron et al. have been vociferous in condemning the ‘anti-Semitic’ Boycott  movement.  They are resolutely opposed to putting any pressure on Israel, knowing full well that no Zionist party in Israel (bar the tiny Meretz) supports a 2 State Solution.  It is in this respect interesting that the Israeli Labour Party under its new leader Avi Gabbay has welcomed Trump’s announcement.  So much for the idea that the ILP represents something different in Zionist politics.

People may be surprised by my heading.  Why should I welcome Trump’s statement that Jerusalem in its entirety belongs to the Zionists? Why should I welcome the death of the 2 States Solution?  Because that has always been the real if unstated position of the West.
Of course I don’t believe that Jerusalem is the property of the Zionist state.  But what I also don’t 
support is the fictional support for 2 states that the West pays lip service to.  There has never ever been a chance of a 2 state solution.  Neither Oslo nor Ehud Barak, the last Israeli Labour Prime Minister ever supported 2 States.  At best they supported a cut down version of a Bantustan.  A ridiculous demilitarised version of Transkei and  Bophutswana.

All opponents of Apartheid opposed South Africa’s homelands policy.  The idea of shunting Black Africans into enclaves controlled by Black collaborators.  But in Palestine all sorts of progressive people have given lip-service to the idea of a Palestinian bantustan.

Unfortunately and tragically so have the representative organisations, the PLO, of the Palestinian people.  As I wrote in Labour Briefing regarding the Oslo Accords in October 1993, ‘this is an agreement built on shifting sands.  It represents a massive victory for imperialism.’
The New York Times agonises over whether Trump has killed off the 2 States solution but it decides he hasn't!
The pursuit of the 2 States illusion has cost the Palestinian movement dearly.  It has been the smokescreen behind which Zionism has effectively colonised the West Bank, laid siege to Gaza and weakened the Palestinians by arming a collaborationist police authority (the PA) to do Israel’s work for it.

The reason for opposing 2 States is not though merely practical.  Partition as a solution to settler colonialism, be it in Ireland or Palestine, is a cure worse than the original problem.  2 States means that the Israeli Jewish state survives.  The ‘conflict’ in Palestine, in actual fact the steady colonisation of Palestine, is a consequence of a political movement based on the ideology of Jewish supremacism. 
In this Israel is no different from any other settler colonial state.  In Ireland the rallying cry of the Unionists was Protestant Supremacy, in the words of the first Viscount James Craigavon, a former Prime Minister, Stormont was a Protestant parliament for a Protestant people.  Likewise in South Africa Apartheid was the means by which White Supremacy was maintained.  The only solution is the deZionisation of Israel. 
Demonstration in the Wadi Arab area of Israel
It is therefore interesting to see how the New York Times the American paper of record sees it.  In an article Did Trump Kill Off a Two-State Solution? He Says No, Palestinians Say Yes Saeb Erekat, the PLO’s main negotiator is quoted as saying that Trump and Netanyahu “have managed to destroy that hope.” Of a 2 States solution.  He is described as embracing ‘a radical shift in the P.L.O.’s goals — to a single state, but with Palestinians enjoying the same civil rights as Israelis, including the vote.’
Ererkat bemoans that “They’ve left us with no option. This is the reality. We live here. Our struggle should focus on one thing: equal rights.”  Of course no one should hold their breath that Erekat is doing anything other than letting off steam.  This is the same Erekat who was willing to hand Tsipi Livni, when she was negotiating with the PA, a ‘big Yerushalayim’ in exchange for just one small Palestinian suburb to call a capital.

Nonetheless Mark Landler of the NYT disapproves.  After having quoted a number of Israeli talking heads he states that ‘Mr. Erekat’s change of heart is unlikely to change Palestinian policy. The dream of a Palestinian state is too deeply ingrained in a generation of its leaders for the Palestinian Authority to abandon it now.’

Which is true in so far as one distinguishes between the PA’s quisling leaders and the Palestinians themselves.  But then Landler goes further and says, without any hesitation that:

‘Israel would be unlikely to accede to equal rights, because granting a vote to millions of Palestinians would eventually lead to the end of Israel as a Jewish state.

And this is exactly what it is about.  A Jewish State cannot be a democratic state.  Israel cannot accede to equal rights.  Therefore, just as in Apartheid South Africa, the Palestinians must be shunted into their own homelands.  Except that the West Bank is nowhere near as big as South Africa so the Palestinians must be content with a few hemmed in urban conurbations as the settlements slowly eat into Palestinian patrimony.

If there is anyone who doesn’t quite get it, let us replace a few words in the above statement.
Israel South Africa would be unlikely to accede to equal rights, because granting a vote to millions of Palestinians Africans would eventually lead to the end of Israel South Africa as a Jewish White state.

This is what the supporters of two states are supporting.  And if anyone has doubts that Israel within the 1948 borders is also an apartheid state that considers its Palestinian citizens as guests to be discarded as soon as convenient, let us look at the reaction of its Defence Minister Avigdor Lieberman to the riots in Arab areas in the wake of Trump’s announcement.

Lieberman, whose Deputy Eli Dahan, is of the opinion that Arabs are sub-human  has called for Israeli Jews to boycott the Wadi Ara area of Israel where many Arabs live.  They should ‘feel unwanted here’ and become part of Ramallah.  ‘Speaking in an interview Lieberman said that ‘the residents of Wadi Ara were not part of the State of Israel.’   And this is increasingly the view of Israelis, 48% of whom according to the Pew Research Report Israel’s Religiously Divided Society support the physical removal of Israel’s Palestinian citizens.

Following Saturday's violent protest in northern Israeli Arab region against US recognition of Jerusalem, in which rioters hurled stones at police cars and buses, defense minister urges Israeli citizens to boycott area and make its residents 'feel unwanted here'; they should become part of Ramallah, he adds.

Attila Somfalvi|Published:  10.12.17 , 10:35

Defense Minister Avigdor Lieberman on Sunday called for a boycott of the Israeli Arab region of Wadi Ara, following Saturday's violent protests in the area, in which rioters hurled at police cars and buses, as well as on Yedioth Ahronoth photographer Gil Nechushtan.
Speaking in an interview to the Ynet Studio, Lieberman said the residents of Wadi Ara were not part of the State of Israel.

"I call on all of Israel's residents to stop buying there," he said. "Simply impose a consumers' boycott and don't go in there—don't enter their restaurants or their businesses, don't get your cars fixed there. The residents of Wadi Ara must understand that they're unwanted and that they're not part of us. They’re working from within to harm the State of Israel.
Lieberman. 'I have never seen a protest in Wadi Ara with a single Israeli flag' (Photo: AFP)

"We've seen terrorists come out of there, we've seen funerals for the terrorists from Umm al-Fahm who murdered police officers at the Temple Mount, and we've seen a terrorist murder people at the terror attack on Tel Aviv's Dizengoff Street, including an Arab taxi driver from Lod. They are not part of us," the defense minister said, reiterating his initiative to hand Wadi Ara over to the Palestinian Authority as part of a future agreement.

"They should become part of Ramallah," he said. "There, they will receive convalescence pay, an unemployment allowance and maternity benefits instead of the billions of shekels they are currently receiving from the National Security Institute. Let (Palestinian President Mahmoud) Abbas pay all their rights and payments the Palestinian democracy and the Palestinian society are certainly much better than the State of Israel." 
One of the buses pelted with stones in Wadi Ara, Saturday
Calling for a boycott of the area, Lieberman said: "I urge all citizens of the State of Israel to stop entering stores there, to stop buying and to stop receiving services. We should simply impose a boycott on them and let them feel unwanted here. I have never seen a protest in Wadi Ara with a single Israeli flag. I've seen many Hezbollah, Hamas and Palestinian Authority flags there, and I've never seen a single State of Israel flag there."
Wadi Ara protest

"Wadi Ara is becoming an incitement center," the minister stated. "On Saturday, a journalist was nearly lynched, and there is wild incitement in the schools. The generation being raised there isn't learning anything apart from hatred toward the State of Israel. The residents of Wadi Ara enjoy the best living conditions in the Middle East."

Lieberman added that the residents had a right to protest, but that "terror, support for terror, solidarity with terror organizations and solidarity with Israel's enemies cannot be part of the rules of the game. That's what we see in Wadi Ara and it's the same line separating between them and others."

The defense minister said he hoped the tensions following US President Donald Trump's recognition of Jerusalem as Israel's capital were over. "On Saturday, I traveled across the Judea area and it was completely calm. According to reports from this morning, everything is calm and quiet. Even the Arab League conference settled for a verbal statement and nothing else. So when I look at the situation in Judea and Samaria today, and on the fence in the Gaza Strip, I believe it's behind us."

As for reports that Saudi Arabia had supported Trump's announcement, Lieberman said earlier in an interview to Army Radio: "The Saudis have personally experienced the meaning of Islamic terror and Iranian subversion, so I think they have a different outlook. We heard the crown prince call (Iranian supreme leader) Ali Khamenei the modern Hitler. Such declarations are not for the love of Israel."

Addressing the tensions on Israel's southern border following the barrage of rockets fired at Gaza vicinity communities from the Strip over the weekend, the defense minister said: "We have hit all of Hamas' critical sites, destroyed a rocket manufacturing facility and a storehouse with strategic Hamas weapons inside the Gaza Strip. I'm certain that everyone can send their children back to school and kindergarten, and I believe all these events are behind us. It's Hamas' responsibility."

Monday, 11 December 2017

A Day in the Life of the Most Moral Army in the World - Israel's treatment of Palestinian schoolchildren and teachers

School should be a safe space for children but not in Hebron

This is just an everyday tale of the harassment of Palestinian school children and their teachers in the West Bank and Hebron.  It isn't simply that Israel is one of the few countries in the world that use torture on children but that in everyday life, the army makes life unbearable even for school children attending school.

School should be a safe space for children.  They should not be fearful of coming to school each day yet for Palestinian children there is the ever present fear that the Israeli army may attack them on their way to school or on the journey home.  

Naturally if anyone says this out loud you will be considered anti-Semitic according to people like the junior war criminal and ex-Defence Minister under Tony Blair, one Ivor Caplin.

Open Letter to the Labour Party’s National Executive Committee

After the High Court Injunction Let's hope you learn the meaning of ‘fairness’ and ‘natural justice’
Picture outside the High Court before a successful application for an Injunction to Sir Stephen Phillips
Last week as readers of this blog will know I obtained a High Court injunction against Iain McNicol and the Labour Party preventing them from going ahead with my Expulsion Hearing later today.

I have also written to Jane Shaw, who is Secretary to the National Constitutional Committee, which will be hearing my case, explaining why I had to go to court and why I expect higher standards of behaviour than hereto.

In the meantime I would ask that those who believe that the fight against the Zionists and their allies in the Labour Party, like its General Secretary Iain McNicol, is their fight contribute to the Fighting Fund that I have set up.

We may need to go back to court if necessary and after that there is the Zionist’s fake charity the ‘Campaign Against Anti-Semitism’ to deal with.


Tony Greenstein

See also:  A letter to the secretary of the Labour Party’s National Constitutional Committee by Greg Hadfield which makes an important point about the secretive NCC.  No one knows the members of this 11 person committee, who chairs it etc.  Despite being about to appear before it I have been  refused my request for the names of its members.

Chakrabarti Committee recommendations to the Labour Party
Dear NEC Member,

Last Thursday at the Queens Bench Division of the High Court in The Strand Mr Justice Phillips granted me an interlocutory injunction preventing Iain McNicol and the Labour Party from going ahead with my expulsion hearing tomorrow. 

As I explain in my letter to Jane Shaw, Secretary to the NCC, below and attached, I was forced into going to court by the stubborn refusal of the NCC and its Chair to abide by any concept of natural justice. 

All I had sought, when sent papers for my disciplinary hearing was an extension of approximately one month in the date of my hearing.  I was sent my papers when I was still in hospital, having just had surgery and the bundle contained 189 pages of allegations, charges etc.
Crooked Iain McNicol - the √©minence grise behind the Right
Having been suspended for 20 months, 17 of them after my investigative hearing, it should have been obvious to anyone that I had an unanswerable case.  However the NCC Chair and Iain McNicol did not see it in that light.  Natural Justice is a concept that is alien to these people. My request was refused without any reasons whatsoever.
3 days b4 I received my letter 'inviting' me to my expulsion hearing the Jewish Chronicle predicted the hearing!  Yet another leak
Mr Justice Phillips however ruled that the Labour Party had ‘dealt brusquely and without any real reasons’ with my application for an extension of time.

The Labour Party has therefore spent the best part of £10,000 on trying to prevent me having an adjournment and giving me time to prepare.  That is members money not your own or that of McNicol and the NCC.

Since the charges are brought in your name to the NCC and since you give approval to those charges I would hope that you start to take responsibility for actions carried out in your own name.

Yours sincerely,

Tony Greenstein

Secretary to the National Constitutional Committee of the Labour Party

Dear Ms Shaw,

As you are well aware, the meeting of the NCC which was due to be held this Monday has had to be postponed on account of a High Court Injunction, which was granted last Thursday 7th December.
It was, of course, unfortunate that I had to apply to the High Court to obtain justice but it is a commodity in rare supply in the Labour Party of Iain McNicol.

When you emailed me on November 2nd 2017, I was in King’s College Hospital recovering from surgery.  You informed me that there was going to be an NCC meeting to expel me on December 11th.  Attached was a bundle of 189 pages and 50 separate allegations. 

I wrote back to you asking that the hearing be deferred until the New Year, not only because of my medical condition but because of the mass of material to digest and respond to.  After all you had had 20 months to assemble your case. Four weeks was highly unreasonable.

Any fair or reasonable person would have agreed without so much as a whimper to my request.  Unfortunately neither you nor the Chair of the NCC or whoever made the decision, was either fair or reasonable. The Labour Party machine has bias written through it in the same way as we have Brighton written through a stick of rock.

Not only were you prejudiced and biased but you didn’t even bother to make an effort to hide it. Your only concern was in going through the motions of holding a hearing.  Effecting my expulsion as soon as possible was, as your barrister made clear, your main concern.
Unfortunately Mr Justice Phillips wasn’t in the pay of McNicol.  Being paid to look at these things objectively, he found that the Labour Party had ‘dealt brusquely and without any real reasons’ with my application for an extension and that

it is arguable that there has been a breach of their obligation to ensure fairness, a vast amount of material to consider and a request for a delay for more than 6 weeks seems eminently reasonable and fair.  I am satisfied that for current purposes Mr Greenstein has the benefit of the argument and is prima facie entitled to the relief he seeks.’

I know that it goes against the habits of a lifetime but I expect you to adhere to the recommendations of the Chakrabarti Report viz: “In carrying out its functions... the NCC shall observe the principles of natural justice and proportionality.” (Appendix page V). 

I would also like to know who took the decision to remove the Chakrabarti Report from the Labour Party’s web site and why. Do you no longer feel bound by its recommendations?

I expect that the hearing, when it takes place, will make some effort at fairness and impartiality.  So I have a number of quite reasonable requests in this respect:

1.             Whoever made the original decision to refuse my request for an extension, presumably the Chair of the NCC, has displayed clear prejudice and bias.  No reasonable person could or should have refused my request for an extension of time unless they wanted to inhibit my defence.  I would therefore ask that they recuse themselves, stand down, or be stood down.  Clearly s/he has already made up their mind.

2.             That I now be given a reasonable period within which to prepare a new response.  I am withdrawing my previous response of December 1st because I need to redraft it in the light of the extra time that the Court has granted me.  We therefore need to agree a new date within which to submit a new response.  That was the purpose of Judge Stephens extending the deadline and bearing in mind the Xmas holiday that is what I expect.

3.             Judge Stephens said that the hearing could not be held earlier than the 8th January 2018.  That is probably unrealistic.  Judge Stephens also made it very clear, as counsel will no doubt confirm, that he did not think one day would be sufficient.  I am not available on 9th January.

4.             I wish to ask expert witnesses to attend to give evidence concerning the apparent upsurge of anti-Semitism in the Labour Party and also to give their opinion on what anti-Semitism constitutes, given that those pressing the charges clearly believe that the whole of the IHRA definition of anti-Semitism has been approved by the leadership.  This will mean some flexibility in timing.

As a result of forcing me into a corner, we have been forced to resort to the courts.  You can either play fair and above board or we can go back to court.  That decision is yours, but I expect you to confirm that you are willing to abide by the concepts of natural justice and fairness that the NEC approved in the Chakrabarti Report and which are part of Britain’s common law.

Yours sincerely

Tony Greenstein 

Saturday, 9 December 2017

EXCLUSIVE – We Name the Gang of 31 Zionists Whose Purpose is to Disrupt Palestinian Events in London

The Thugs and Misfits of the neo-Nazi Jewish Defence League & Assorted Fascists Intent on Destroying Free Speech on Israel and Palestine

Below we name and shame the 31 fascists and Zionists who have been attempting to disrupt and prevent solidarity events on Palestine. Led by Jonathan Hoffman they contain people who are members of other fascist groups like Britain First and the new Pegida.   We see their connection with the far-Right. Jewish bourgeois groups like the Board of Deputies deliberately turn a blind eye to these people and no questions have been asked about Hoffman’s open links with neo-Nazis, holocaust deniers and fascists.

These people need to be treated in exactly the same way by the Left as fascists have traditionally been treated and that is to be physically driven off.  As the alliance between Zionist activists and fascists grows, the Left needs to wake up to what is happening and get organised.
We Put Names to Faces
This is a  preliminary list  of  most of the members of the extreme Zionist group who frequently attend and disrupt events connected with Palestine. These include meetings in Parliament, debates in Universities, Palestine cultural events and pro-Palestine demonstrations/activities.
Photos show individuals  at various events and their links to other members of the group. For brevity and clarity only a small sample is shown but many more examples are available. 
Halland (seated right - under arrest in Pattaya, Thailand -charged with extortion, robbery, blackmail. Spent time in notorious  Pattaya prison. Jumped bail, extradition warrant issued by Thai Police).  Now Lives in Walthamstow and active in local Conservative politics - was one of those nominating the Tory canditate at the 2016 general election.
Halland (top right) with Hoffman 4 November disrupting PSC march. Bottom right is RICHARD GALBER. Also at SOAS with Hoffman, Halland.
Halland on 4 Nov. with JOSEPH COHEN  of ISRAEL ADVOCACY MOVEMENT.  On left holding flag- RACHEL WILLIAMS.
A very aggressive Thor Halland being restrained by police at PSC march on 4 Nov. With camera on right is MANDY BLUMENTHAL (evicted from House of Commons along with Hoffman and Millett a few months ago).   On left  GARY BENJAMIN and his son MITCHELL - both with Hoffman & Halland at SOAS. Benjamin is believed to live in Westcliff-on-Sea.

Sheridan at ZF/BOD  demo July 2017. MICHAEL ENGLISH also wearing KAHANE  shirt. Believed to be single mother with links to Camden Town - may have had problems with Camden Council re Rent/housing.

Sheridan centre at PALEXPO  with l-r: PAUL BESSER (Britain First), Ambrosine Shitrit and Sharon Klaff ( both of EYEONANTISEMITISM, CAMPAIGN4TRUTH, HIPPODROME GG) & JONATHAN HOFFMAN.

Gary Benjamin & son Mitchell (both to right of Hoffman) at PSC march 4 November. Also present at SOAS with Hoffman and Halland.

Gary Benjamin & son Mitchell disrupting PSC march 4 Nov. with Thor Halland

Linked to JHRW. Seen frequently at events with Hoffman etc. 

YOCHY DAVIS was one of the organisers illegal march 0n Al Quds Day 18. June. Pic taken in Cavendish Sq. where this group met before disrupting the march.
Davis, second right.Far right MANDY BLUMENTHAL


Frequently seen at demos  with above. Tries to provoke - uses statements such as "Mohammed was a Paedo".
Sali at counter-demo Al Quds Day.
Sali at Palexpo - top right. JOSEPH COHEN of ISRAEL ADVOCACY MOVEMENT  on left.
ISHMAEL SALI at PALEXPO with JOSEPH COHEN. Note-  right background Bangladeshi ZADMAN SHAMAN who is increasingly disruptive and aggressive at Palestinian events. Hoffman also in pic just behind Sali.



Israeli Essex boy - runs Essex Friends of Israel. Young thug with loud mouth.
Top- with Zaman

Above - at Al Quds day- DAVID COLLIER behind on left.

Often at anti-Palestine events. Runs 2 Kitchens Restaurant 167 High Road, LOUGHTON, Essex

NEIL COHEN  at SOAS -Millet in white
NEIL COHEN - on left holding flag during disruption at SOAS



Also seen at events with Hoffman and EDL/JDL. See 12- Hoffman
Garfield with Joseph Cohen
Garfield with Hoffman.
Harvey Garfield with Hoffman & Roberta Moore (Boss JDL & Jewish Division EDL).

President JONATHAN ARKUSH, BOD - addressing rally Grosvenor SQ. July '16 where JDL openly wore KAHANE shirts. 
Hoffman at ZF-BOD rally with ROBERTA MOORE  & ROBERT De JONG  - bosses of JDL-UK wearing KAHANE  (Jewish Neo-Nazi Shirts). JDL claimed the event was jointly organised JDL/ZF/BOD.


ZF CEO Arieh Miller with Roberta Moore of JDL-UK  and Jewish Division EDL.

ZF Chair PAUL CHARNEY addressing rally in Grosvenor Sq. where JDL-UK were openly welcomed by ZF/BOD/CST/JLC.

MARIE VAN DER ZYL (right) of BOD  at July '16 rally with Roberta Moore of JDL-UK (on left). Hillel Neuer of UNWatch speaking.
Well-known for disrupting Palestine events & harassing strangers.
with Hoffman at Zionist counter-demo - Al Quds Day 2016.

Millett with PAUL BESSER of Britain First a year later at Al Quds 2017

Evicted from PALEXPO- was at SOAS shouting from back of room and filming with bodycam. 
Runs Chiropody practice.
(Silver is now also  (secretly, he thinks!) running an anti-Met Police page on Facebook as JANET LITTLEFINGER  and on Youtube as JANET LITTLE.

Janet Littlefinger – actually JASON SILVER.
JASON SILVER  has set up this FB  account and pretends to be JANET LITTLEFINGER to harass Met. Police.

Cohen with Markham, Zaman

Chloe Cohen likes to join and film Palestine events.
Kemp likes to "infiltratre" Palestine events and then boast about it.
Andrew Kemp with Cohen when they pretended to be pro-Palestine at an event in Whitehall.

18 & 19 Ambrosine Shitrit & Sharon Klaff.
Both spoke at PEGIDA-UK  front rally with Anne-Maria Waters who founded PEGIDA-UK  with Tommy Robinson.
AMBROSINE SHITRIT  addressing PEGIDA-UK front rally. Klaff filming on right.
SHARON KLAFF   also addressing PEGIDA-UK front rally.
DAVID COLLER  at Al Quds Day.
with Hoffman,Sheridan,Klaff & Besser of Britain First outside PALEXPO July '17.

Collier with South African Sharon Klaff -aka Sharon KKKlaff!

Collier with Hoffman looking for more "antisemites".
PAUL BESSER, former Head of Intelligence at Britain First films families attending PALEXPO  - L-R  Hoffman, Shitrit, Sheridan, Klaff.

Besser wearing BRITAIN FIRST insignia follows BF boss PAUL GOLDING (2016).

Besser with Hoffman & Sheridan July 2017

Besser also  follows his Leader JAYDA FRANSEN 2i/c BRITAIN FIRST 2016. Fransen is again due in court DEC 2017 for speech made in Belfast August

SHARON ZACKS - kneeling centre with flag.





MARK HARINGMAN on right - originally from Dublin, now Golders Green. Likes to infiltrate Palestinian events and film.

SIMON COBBS - founder member of SUSSEX FRIENDS OF Israel, With ANDREW KEMP. Cobbs spent 18 months in HMP EXETER for fraud and ran the BN3 club in Ibiza which was reputed to be a centre for hard drug dealing - despite this is part of CST /ZF/BOD security at various events.
Simon Cobbs was gutted when the Sodastream shop he had spent 2 years defending in Brighton closed without any warning and didn't even bother to tell him - it should have taught him a lesson about capitalism but it didn't!

Simon Cobbs defending Apartheid outside Brighton's Ecostream store see 

Cobbs is not as ugly as he looks

Cobbs became an unwitting actor with this celebrity performance which he tried (unsuccessfully) to take down from Youtube


Williams on left disrupting PSC 4  Nov. with Joseph Cohen, Thor Halland.

Rachel Willians "doing her bit".
Add caption

Abramov -top right with Hoffman & Davis disrupting PSC 4 Nov.
Abramov usually sits apart from people like Hoffman & Millett who disrupt. Sees himself as an intellectual - likes to ask  young Muslim/English women "What about Syria? What about North Korea?"
Mike Abramov is not as intelligent as he thinks he is but he is clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the crewe he hangs round with.  Reminds me of the parable of the Good Samaritan:  'a good man fallen among thieves'.

I confess to sharing a drink with him some years ago when we debated the various issues!


MANDY BLUMENTHAL wearing JHRW hi-viz jacket & bodycam. Blumenthal has strong links with solicitor MARK LEWIS and CAA, JHRW. She was evicted by Met Police from House of Commons along with Hoffman and Millett Summer 2017.

Blumenthal with Hoffman Al Quds 18 June '17

Blumenthal with AMBROSINE SHITRIT - Palexpo 8 July '17
Members of this group distributed this vile leaflet at every performance  at the Young Vic. The leaflet was produced, printed and paid for by the Zionist Federation.  South Africans Sharon Klaff and Richard Galber have built up a close relationship with fellow South African PAUL CHARNEY, current Chair of the ZIONIST FEDERATION. ZF  also produced and paid for the leaflets distributed by this group when they were harassing attendees at PALEXPO.